History 390

It’s nice to be taking a ‘history’ class that has a bit of a different focus.  I’m technologically disabled, so I am very much enjoying staring at all of this techno mumbo-jumbo while my eyes cross, because it is a change from the usual read/research/write/repeat process that I am used to in my history classes.  I am also looking forward to delving into the final project, simply because-again-it is a fresh change from the usual process.  I have always been interested in Colonial America, I love Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.  I also love certain bits and pieces of history along the east coast, like the Outer Banks pirates and the lost colonists of Roanoke (freaky!!).  I think the third thing that I would be interested in delving into would be Canadian history.  I grew up in Michigan, and Canada was always just there.  As a kid in Detroit (long before 9/11) we would often travel over the bridge to Canada, and it was beautiful but kind of exotic to me.  I spent some time a few years back in Ottawa, and it was the first time I’d been to Canada in several years, so I was able to really enjoy the visit with an adult’s perspective.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to do too much sight seeing because I was working.  Next best thing? Research!