Sustainability of Historical Information

As I’ve been studying Mount Vernon, I’ve found that the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association seems to be doing a great job with sustainability.  When I visited in April, they had masons out constructing a new wall.  They had scaffolding up around the manor house, and they were re-roofing several of the buildings (and as they are historical buildings, they cannot be roofed using the materials of today.  These shingles are handmade and hand-painted wooden shingles, and they have to be replaced around every 30 years.

Mount Vernon-Sustainability and Restoration

I’ve also seen a lack of sustainability really bring a place down.  The McPike Mansion was a beautiful home in Alton, Illinois built in 1869.  Driving past the home today, you can almost taste the potential for continued beauty.  The current owners of the home do not have the ability (financial or otherwise) to sustain this architectural gem, and it is therefore a home fallen into disrepair, almost to the point of becoming an eyesore.

McPike Mansion-A Sad State