The purpose of this website is to share historical discovery and knowledge, and to entertain while doing so. History is fun, history is exciting, and history prevents the duplication of critical errors of the past. The hope here is that everyone who visits this site can learn something new, and enjoy themselves at the same time. Please, take some time and learn about Historic Mount Vernon.  Enjoy learning about different facets of General George Washington’s past, especially the lives of the slaves residing at Mount Vernon.  Look at interactive maps, charts, word analysis of primary sources  and photographs.  If you are interested in finding more information about Mount Vernon and General George Washington, take a look at the sources used in the creation of this website.  Most of all, please enjoy yourself and do not hesitate to email with questions, comments, or critiques.

Melissa J. Dyer is currently a student at George Mason University. She fell in love with history when she took a required history course at Northern Virginia Community College taught by Dr. Virginia Davidson, who continues to be a guiding light to this day (whether she knows it or not). Melissa hopes to pursue her Masters Degree at George Mason before becoming a teacher in Virginia.

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