Getting Around at Mount Vernon-Male Slaves

The Male Slave Quarters were located slightly closer to the manor house than the Female Slave Quarters. As mentioned on the page George Washington’s Slaves, I feel that it is important that these men and women who were a part of Mount Vernon’s history are remembered by name.  Therefore, using Washington’s 1786 and 1799 ‘inventories’ of the slaves at Mount Vernon during that time, use the chart below to figure out who would have walked how far in a typical day at Mount Vernon.

  • Will, Frank, Austin, Herculus, and Nathan-worked in the manor house
  • Giles, Joe, and Paris-worked in the stable
  • Natt and George-worked as blacksmiths
  • Will-worked as a shoemaker

George Washington, “Diary Entry: 18 February 1786,” National Archives Founders Online, Accessed 29 April 2015,

George Washington, “Washington’s Slave List, June 1799,” National Archives Founders Online, Accessed 30 April 2015,

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