Embedding a Map

Since we are currently learning about embedding a map, I thought I would go ahead and use this time to start work on my final project. I know that everyone has been waiting with bated breath to see which direction I would go in, but after a somewhat difficult decision, I’ve decided to choose Historic Mount Vernon over Harper’s Ferry. I am more interested in learning about Harper’s Ferry because I’ve only ever been there once, and I just don’t know as much about it. However, the more logical choice was Mount Vernon, not just because of the location to me, but also because of my level of intimacy with the estate. I’ve traveled to and performed at Mount Vernon several times as a child, and even more times as an adult. I have friends that work there. It was the right decision.

So without further adieu (and hopefully no technological difficulty) may I present my map of General George Washington and his local Virginia ‘haunts’. I have a lot more research to do, and several more sites to add to my interactive map, but this is a start. I included Mt. Vernon as well as a few locations in Old Town Alexandria that were frequented or occasionally visited by Washington.


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