Fun with Copyright

Today’s task was to take a copy written photograph and alter it under fair use protection.  What is fair use?  Well, you can use material and original work that holds a copyright if certain requirements are met.  #1-What is the purpose for which you are using the material?  For instance, copyright material can be used for educational purposes.  #2-What is the amount of your use of the copyright material?  I sure hope it wasn’t more than 10%, or else you would be in trouble.  Check out this interesting video that my professor showed us, that I think really drives this point home. #3-What is the nature of what you did with the original material?  Lucky for me, PARODY is an acceptable and protected way to manipulate play with copyright material without getting in trouble.

I created a meme with the help of my wonderful and talented husband, “Batface”.  I’m pretty sure this is the best thing ever, and it will go viral.  Enjoy!Mickey copy 2

Check out this article from the Washington Post that explains a little bit about my meme.  Should we be nervous about this?  I am.

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