Fun with Wiki

Just for giggles and grins, I decided to look up our esteemed professor, Mills Kelly, on Wikipedia.  The article that came up was extremely interesting, and had to do with creating internet hoaxes on Wikipedia.  I was dismayed to find that the last entry was way back in March of 2013, so I decided to make it better.  I changed the last period to a comma, and added, “…however, as of February 2015 Professor Mills continues to delve into topics dealing with editing and/or manipulating Wikipedia in his History 390 Digital History Class at George Mason University.[17]

Check out this screen shot of my handiwork:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.33.36 AM

To say that I am proud of myself is an understatement.  When I coach cheerleading at a local middle school, I have to ask the girls how to work my cell phone.  This is me patting myself on the back.

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