Google Maps is the Best-True That, Double True

This is the project that I’ve had the most problems with.  I’ve been working on trying to figure out what the magic land of Google considers ‘my place’ for a few weeks now, and I’m not sure if I got it.  But I’m sure going to give it a college try, so to speak!

Here’s my attempt, check out this map ((this is me holding my breath)):


I hope this worked.  In the coming weeks, I have quite a lot of work to do concerning maps while creating my final project.  I’m trying to decide between doing a project on Mt. Vernon (a place I’ve been to several times, and somewhere that I have an ‘in’-a good buddy that works there) and Harper’s Ferry (somewhere I haven’t been to in over a decade, and definitely somewhere I’d like to spend more time).  One of the facets of the final project is to post at least 2 interactive maps, so the difficulty I’ve had with this post is of course daunting.

Our instructions were to go to our google account on and click on “My Place” and then “Create Map”, export the map as a KML file by adding “&output=kml” to the end of the URL for the map I create.  After some discussion in class, it was decided that we were supposed to use Google Earth instead, so I downloaded Google Earth.  I still couldn’t find a “My Place” tab, so I typed “My Place” into the search bar and came up with a general map of my current location.  Then I clicked the “View in Google Maps” icon, and then the “Open in Firefox” tab.  From there I added “&output=kml”, and used the “link” tab to add the link to my blog here.  Fingers Crossed.

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