Historic Greenfield Village

My opinion (which we all know what opinions are like) is that Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan-along with the Henry Ford Museum-is far superior to Colonial Williamsburg.  Williamsburgians (is that a word?) will say that Colonial Williamsburg is better because of it’s pure historic value.  The historic houses in CW were built there and remain there to this day.  My problem with CW is that some of the buildings are still privately owned.  So when you go to CW, it’s kind of awkward and confusing knowing which homes and buildings you can tour, and which you cannot.

Greenfield Village is a place that historical purists probably won’t like.  The buildings in GV were taken apart and brought to Michigan and restored with great care.  But I don’t care, and here is the reason.  You can go into every single building in GV.  There is much to learn about there, from George Washington Carver to The Wright Brothers.  I love Greenfield Village.  So when we were asked to do another map project and I had to look at a grand map of the United States and decide where I wanted to mark it, I did so.  I also included pins from where I grew up, both in Detroit proper and then Garden City so you could see the proximity to Greenfield Village I lived.  Click this link, my map is interactive.  The homes pictured in Garden City and Detroit aren’t the actual homes I grew up in, but they are pretty close matches.  I’m also attaching a screenshot of my map so you can see firsthand how wonderful my skills are.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.58.20 AM


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