The Greatest Historical Mystery of ALL TIMES

If you ask a historian what is the greatest historical mystery of all times, chances are that they may mention the Lost Colonists of Roanoke. This week’s task was to create a historical slide show presentation limited to 3 slides.  The difficulty here is trying to limit incredible amounts of information to 3 slides.  I felt that the lost colonists would be the best way to make an impact, because it is a moment in history that gets people excited.  What happened to them?  They vanished without a trace.

I used Microsoft Power Point to create my slide show presentation.  After an interesting discussion in class on Tuesday, I tried to ensure that my slides were interesting and informative while not overdone.  In order to embed the slides to my site, I had to first upload the presentation to my Google Drive, and then ‘share’ it, thus creating a link where everyone could see.  Here is the strange thing (a mystery perhaps, much like those lost settlers)-when I created the slide, and when I look at them on my Google Drive, they are all grey.  But when I click the link below, the second and third slides are green. ooooOOOOOOooooo, strange.  I have no idea why it happened.  I hope you like the presentation.



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