The Greatest Historical Mystery TAKE 2

Today during class, I had the opportunity to present my slides and receive valuable critiques from my classmates.  I tweaked my presentation a little bit, and I thought I would post again so people can get an idea of the before and after of the presentation.


  • One of the comments was, “Why aren’t there more pictures?”  It was suggested that I add a map to the first page, however I felt that would detract from my original intention of drawing people in with a mysterious first slide.  I decided to add a map to the second slide
  • “It’s hard for me to see with the white parts in the middle”.  Once I had the slides up on the large screen, it was easy for me to see that this was indeed true.  I used a different slide style, and changed the font to black (bold in parts) and Times New Roman (because I’m a nerd and it’s my favorite)
  • A few additional tweaks I made were to font sizes


Uh-oh, what happened to the slides?  Something funky, with large chunks of the slides disappearing.  I couldn’t figure it out.  So I converted the slides to PDF, saved them to my Google Drive, and tried again.


I’m constantly trying to better myself, so please check out both of these presentations (remember, the assignment was to have only 3 slides) and let me know if you have any feedback, positive or otherwise.  I would love to give this presentation someday, because I feel I could talk a lot about each bullet point that is up there.

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